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2 Responses
  1. March 5, 2012

    I just read your article in Woman’s Day. It’s very similar to what I’ve been going thru. I’m 40 years old and was in a very bad car accident when I was 24— Since then I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, PTSD, ADHD and depression since a young child. I use to work in a bank and was very intelligent. After the accident, I began to slowly lose my memory, always in pain, very exhausted, etc. Now I’ve been on disability for almost a year. I see a rhematologist, psychiatrist and psycologist….I’m taking 90mgs of Cymbalta p/day. I feel defeated and half the person I used to be. I need alot of help, I need to lose more weight about 50 pounds——-life gets sooo discouraging at times that I’m at a dire lose…….Do you have any tips for me that could help me live a better and more positive life?

    • marata permalink
      April 20, 2012

      i want to recommend the book by Louise. Hay called ‘you can heal your life’. like Danette, i was VERY sick for some time and was taking the poison you are taking. i have since stopped, gone for accupuncture and do gentle exercise, and most importantly, affirmations EVERY day. these natural ways to help your body heal itself will go much farther than the poison that the doctor prescribes. i now wonder how many free trips my ‘pain management’ doc got for prescribing the stuff. was SO over medicated i just wanted to die, really. help your body heal itself, just be VERY patient. :^) gentle hugs and prayers….

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