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Fibromyalgia Improvement with Takesumi Detox

2009 March 18

I am feeling a little under the weather this week. Not only am I feeling the effects of the Takesumi I am taking for detox, I have a nasty little cold brewing. Wouldn’t you know it, not that long ago I was bragging about how infrequently I am sick with a cold or the flu & bam! Now I have one – the universe’s little way of equalizing my bravado with some humility. I am wondering if it is actually the Takesumi that has made me susceptible to getting sick. I have never been through a detox of any kind, so I am unfamiliar with what I am feeling. Note to self: remember to ask Dr. Shores said question when you see him on Friday.


So you are probably wondering, what is Takesumi and why should I be interested in it. In a previous post, I listed the several toxins and infections Dr Shores tested me positive for: 


  • Heavy Metals
  • Arsenec
  • Borrelia Burgdorferi – lyme
  • Chloroform
  • Formaldehyde
  • H-pylori


Takesumi, which is a carbonized bamboo supplement, is an effective and the most gentle way Dr. Shores knows to rid the body of toxins and infections. Here is a description fromMichael Lebowitz D.C.:



 Takesumi, on AK testing, fairly routinely blocks positive tests to toxic metals, chemicals, and often foods too. I look at it as a supreme detoxification product. It also appears to adsorb myco and endotoxins (and other bio-toxins) from various organisms, take the load off the liver and kidneys and thus act in an anti-aging fashion. Takesumi is also reported to adsorb radiation (radon, nuclear, etc.)


Michael Lebowitz D.C. has been a researcher in applied kinesiology and nutrition for over 30 years, and this statement was based on his clinical testing and research. Takesumi also has anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties.


I began taking the Takesumi over two weeks ago. Some of the effects I have been feeling are headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, my skin (especially on my face) feeling hot, and some dehydration. I naturally drink a lot of water each day, but I have had to increase my water consumption considerably and I still wonder if I am drinking enough. Dr. Shores warned me about the side effects of doing a detox, and I am not experiencing anything out of the ordinary, but I am experiencing it for longer than anticipated. Although the effects sound similar to a fibromyalgia flare-up, they are not at that level of severity – thank goodness!


Now for the good news. My fibrofog is much diminished since starting the detox! Even though my body is feeling achy and fatigued, my brain is feeling as sharp as it has since the accident. I have been much more productive and organized, even with the headaches. Honestly if it were not for the improvement I am having with my cognitive function, I am not sure I would continue with the detox, but it has made me a believer and I am sticking with it in the hopes that I soon see other improvements as well. Another of my support group members, who is also on the detox under Dr. Shores supervision, has already tested negative for all of the infections he originally found in her, and she has been taking the Takesumi just a week longer than I have. That gives me even more hope. Every evening after I mix up the carbonized bamboo with some water I yell “TAKESUMI” in my loud ninja-warrior voice and then swallow it down. Silly, yes, but I am a warrior in my battle against fibromyalgia, and if I have to be a warrior, being a ninja is a pretty cool thing!


I will keep you posted on any changes and improvements I have with my detox. If you have any questions about the Takesumi, please leave them in the comments. Dr. Shores has been generous enough in the past to have direct dialogues with readers via the comments. If he is unavailable I can try to look into it myself. 


And now for my little disclaimer:


In a continuing effort to live well with Fibromyalgia I am going to be researching and trying new and different things to help improve my health.  I will report on my research and my own personal experiences, but I am not a doctor and therefore will not be telling anyone to try what I do. If you think you may benefit from my experiences, please check with a medical professional to see if it is right for you.

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  1. March 20, 2009

    I love the warrior yell! Good for you! Now I need to go do some research on Takesumi. Never heard of it before.

  2. The Big Sis permalink
    March 23, 2009

    You are so silly Sis! But I love you! I trip out how black it is. I sure sleep good after I take it but my dreams are very vivid! LOVE YA

  3. August 29, 2009

    Takesumi is a miraculous “tool” for cleansing. I’ve taken it for 4 months now
    during breast cancer treatment, and it has accelerated my healing enormously.
    Carries away toxins of all sorts, gently but thoroughly. My partner has FM
    and we want to see if it can help him now, too.

    It appears that the Takesumi website is unavailable. Anybody know about that?



  4. September 15, 2009

    Great information – I use Takesumi on patients with great success as well! Keep spreading the word!

  5. September 22, 2009

    I just started taking takesumí today and I know the results of detoxinf and I am really hoping this lessens the effects.
    I’ve detox before and I felt Terrible, no pain no gain, but it’s hard when you have school and work and a already deep fear of getting sick. so taking this scares me actually, but I’m hoping for the best. the black it turns my water is weird…
    but the results I’ve read will be worth it, I’ll have to try your takesumí call. though it’s not nearly as bad as marinda powder lol XD

    best of luck!!!!

  6. Donna Rawlings permalink
    February 19, 2013

    Does anyone know of longterm side effects of Takesumi Supreme? I’ve taken it for almost 2 years straight with just 2 breaks due to hospitalization for sugery. The past 4 months I’ve had pain in my right side over my liver. The past 2 weeks I’ve had non-stop headaches; not the tension kind. It feels like my brain is swollen or I have a “full” feeling.

    Last night, I did not take my usual 2 a.m. dose and my side has felt better, plus my headache is less pronounced. Obviously, I’m over-taking Takesumi Supreme. As it’s a natural product, I didn’t think that possible.

    Has anyone had anything like this happen? The good news is; the side effects abates quickly.

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